Xin Meng                                                                    孟昕                          

Professor                                                                   教授                          
Research School of Economics                           

ANU College of Business and Economics         商业-经济学院
The Australian National University                  



Tel:               (61)-2-6125-3102

Fax:              (61)-2-6125-0182

Research Interests:

My research to date consists of following main themes:

  1. Important issues related to the Chinese labour market during the transition process, including the impact of economic transition on income distribution, the impact of labour market rigidity on economic development in China, and rural-urban migration.
  2. Wellbeing of the Chinese households during the economic transition, topics including poverty, nutrition intake, consumption, health, education.
  3. Ageing and pension reform in China.
  4. The influence of institutions and culture on gender discrimination in China, Taiwan, Australia, and France.
  5. Economic assimilation of immigrants.
  6. Economic implications of major catastrophes, such as the impact of the Chinese famine and the Cultural Revolution on life time earnings and welfare of individuals and families.

Rural-Urban Migration in China and Indonesia (RUMiCI) project:

            Go to for detailed information about RUMiCI project.

Working Paper Version of My Research Papers:

Meng, X., “Are rural migrants outsiders in urban Chinese enterprises?”

Meng, X. and Gregory, R. G., “The impact of interrupted education on earnings: the educational cost of the Chinese Cultural Revolution”.

Gorgens, T., Meng, X., and Vaithianathan, R., “Selection and stunting effects of famine: Case study of the Great Chinese Famine”.

Meng, X. and Ryan, J., “Evaluating food for school program in Bangladesh”.

Cai, F., Giles, J., and Meng, X., “How well do children insure parents against low retirement income? Evidence from urban China”

Meng, X., and Yeo, C., “Ageing and health-care expenditure in urban China”

Meng, X., and Meurs, D., “Intermarriage, language, and economic assimilation process: A case study of France”.

Du, Y., Gregory, R. G., and Meng, X., “Impact of the guest worker system on poverty and wellbeing of migrant workers in urban China”

Meng, X. and Qian, N., “The Causes of Cross-Sectional Inequity in Exposure to China’s Great Famine and Its Long Run Health and Economic Consequences on Survivors”

Meng, X. and Bai, N., “How Much Have the Wages of Unskilled Workers in China Increased? Data from Seven Factories in Guangdong, 2000-2004”

Meng, X. and Luo, C., “What Determines Living Arrangements of the Elderly in Urban China”

Gong, C. and Meng, X., “Regional price differences in urban China 1986-2001: Estimation and implication”

Golley, J., Meagher, D., and Meng, X., 2008, “Chinese urban household energy requirements and CO2 emissions”

Frijters, P., Liu, A., and Meng, X., “Are optimistic expectations keeping the Chinese happy?”

Gong, C., Leigh, A., and Meng, X., “Intergenerational income mobility in urban China”

Golley, J. and Meng, X., “Has China run out of surplus labour?”

Meng, X. and Zhang, D., “Labour market impact of large scale internal migration on Chinese urban ‘native’ workers”

Frijters, P., Kong, S., and Meng, X., “Migrant entrepreneurs and credit constraints under labour market discrimination”

Cameron, L., Erkal, N. Gangadharan, L, and Meng, X., “Little emperors—Behavioural impacts of China’s One-Child policy”

Meng, X., “Impact of economic reform on labor market outcomes in China”

Meng, X., “Rural-urban migration in China”



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