Tom Honeyman

PhD Candidate at Linguistics

Photo of Tom Honeyman

Biographical Statement

I am currently working on the language Momu, or Fas as it is known in the literature. It is spoken in Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea. Most of my fieldwork so far was conducted in Mori village. Specifically I'm interested in reported speech and thought in Momu, and I'm researching this while under the Grammar and Psycho-social Cognition project.

Before this I was a research assistant and project coordinator at PARADISEC for a few years, and before that I obtained a BSc/BA at the University of Sydney, majoring in Linguistics, Japanese and Computer Science, with honours in Linguistics.

Research Interest

Areas of Interest: Discourse Pragmatics, Linguistic Documentation, Intersubjectivity, Papuan Languages, Australian Languages

Further Links for Momu

  • Wietze Baron has a website for the kwomtari language family which includes Fas
  • I have a few fieldwork photos up on Flickr
  • There is a wikipedia entry for the kwomtari-baibai language family
  • Other

    The poster created by Rachel Hendery, Lila San Roque, Antoinette Schapper and myself, and presented at ALT8 is available to view online.