Dr Jack Pezzey

Fenner School of Environment and Society

Australian National University

Last updated 2 April 2013

I am always interested in hosting new post-docs and other funded research fellows to do research in environmental, ecological and resource economics at the Fenner School, but I almost never have any money to support them.  So usually the only way to fund a research fellowship here, at the postdoctoral level or higher, is for me to make a successful application for a research grant − most obviously from the Australian Research Council, but it could be from a wide range of sponsors. If you are willing to write almost an entire research application on a subject that is fairly relevant to my research interests, and if your ideas and academic background seem strong enough that the application would have a reasonable chance of success, then I'm interested in acting as Chief Investigator on the application. So if these conditions apply to you, please contact me at any time with a CV and an outline of your ideas (say 2-3 paragraphs, fairly well focused on a specific proposal).

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