Budy P. Resosudarmo



Research Topic


Energy, Air Pollution and Climate Change

     The main goal of research activities within this project is to determine the impact of energy, air, pollution and climate change policies on the economy, poverty and the environment. Projects within this research topic are (1) Health Impacts of Air Pollution in Jakarta (2001) and Analysing Pathways to Sustainability in Indonesia (2008-2010).


Indonesia Project

     The project monitors and analyses recent economic developments in Indonesia; informs Australian governments, business, and the wider community about those developments, and about the future prospects.


Indonesian Macro Economic Development

     The main goal of this research is to improve understanding of major issues in the Indonesian economy as well as to recognize the politics and economics arguments behind Indonesian economic policies.  Project within this research topic is Understanding Indonesian Economic Reforms 1983-2000 (2003)


Development and Environment

     The main goal of this project is to determine natural resource management policies that could foster sustainable development in developing countries.  This project includes conducting researches to understand the impact of illegal activities and natural disaster events on natural resource endowment and development. Projects within this research topic are (1) Illegal Fishing in the Arafura Sea (2005) and (2) Development and Environment in Eastern Indonesia (2006).


Regional Development and Decentralization

     Activities under this project are to understand regional diversity in Indonesia and to determine the impact of fiscal decentralization on regional development.


Rural-Urban Migration Project

     This project monitors rural-urban migrant households, in particular their income, education, health condition and abilities to assimilate with urban dwellers, in several large cities in China and Indonesia.


Technological Progress and Agricultural Development

     This project is to comprehend how new technologies disseminate among farmers and what are the impact of these new technologies on yields, farmer incomes and the environment.



Model Development


Environmental-General Equilibrium Model

     This project develops general equilibrium models that link economic activities and environmental condition and vice versa.


Inter-regional Computable General Equilibrium Model

     These research activities develop CGEs that model inter-regional economies within a country or a region. The models are designed to analyze the impact of macro policies on poverty, regional economies and the environment.  Models have been built are (1) IRCGE-Indonesia (1996), (2) IRSA-Indonesia-5 (2008) and (3) IRSA-ASEAN-5 (2009-2011).


Spatial Econometrics

     In this project we apply spatial econometrics model to various environment and development issues.  The main goal is to understand how important taking into account spatial aspects in conducting environmental and regional analysis in developing countries.



In conducting these projects, I have been collaborating with colleagues in my own division and other divisions at the ANU as well as friends from other universities, such as University of Indonesia and Padjadjaran University in Indonesia.