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Mulligan's Flat - Goorooyarroo Woodlands Experiment

Mulligan's Flat - Goorooyarroo Woodlands Experiment

A woodland manipulation experiment aimed at improving ecological conditions for biodiversity. more @MFGO_Exp

Link to Mulligans Sanctuary

Mulligan's Flat Woodlands Sanctuary

A unique project to restore locally extinct species and provide a glimpse of the past as a reference point for enhancing our ecosystems in the future. more

Link to Wolf reintroduction page

Wolf reintroduction in Scotland

Evidence from Yellowstone National park suggests that the nonlethal effect of wolves on deer behaviour can have major ecosystems effects. We outline implications for wolf reintroduction in Scotland. more

Link to Superb Parrot Superb Parrot

A multi-scale study of the vulnerable Superb Parrot of south-eastern Australia. more
Scots Pine

Scots Pines

In the UK, the Scots Pine is only thought to naturally occur in the Scottish Highlands. However, there is increasing interest in a number of remnants further south that may be naturally occurring. more

Link to Vindolanda page Vindolanda

A palynological study of the effects of the Roman occupation on vegetation at a fort site in northern England.